B-EN-G delivers Broader, deeper, and
faster solutions.

Our comprehensive approach to seeking out new technologies,
tracking the latest developments,
determining their real worth, and applying them in a timely manner enables us not only to
develop more convenient and user-friendly systems,
but also to create new value for our customers.
Our solutions that unite new technologies can be powerful catalysts for you to innovate your business.

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Business package suited to the management of production, sales, and costs.

mcframe cloud

Cloud solution to bring the user experience
utilizing the knowledge and know-how.

mcframe for iPad/iPhone

Strengthen the business utilizing smart device.

mcframe GA (A.S.I.A.)

Compact and global ERP for overseas base.

mcframe R-Pad

Mobile solution for manufacturers to improve
their business outcome.

KAIZEN Solutions

KAIZEN Solutions
provided by B-EN-G.

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