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mcframe cloud is a cloud solution to bring the user experience utilizing the knowledge and know-how gained by mcframe experiences and the understanding of markets and users' needs.

Help businesses to innovate

mcframe cloud improves business efficiency and agility and boost production efficiency. This is a compact package that narrows down the function to minimum required for initial phase of overseas bases and includes documents and tools for implementation and operation, facilitating rapid implementation to the overseas business locations.

Functional Map of MCFrame cloud

Schematize facilitating a smooth

mcframe cloud facilitates the description less operation by using an illustration that shows the manufacturing process. It also provides the intuitive menu, screen design and easy-to-follow mater data setting even to the kinds of problems that are unique to overseas bases such as language barrier and rapid employee turnover.

Short-term implementation

The estimated period of implementation term of model case would be from 1.5 months for production management and from 0.5 month for cost management.

More efficient and cost effective way

Keeping the pace with the growth of business even after implementation, the upgrade to a higher model can be performed without data migration. This upgrade to mcframe CS is optional. The software can be used without any upgrading. It enables long-term usage capable of suppressing the cost small.

Upgrade Path of MCFrame cloud
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