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mcframe for iPad/iPhone is a tool designed to enhance the possibilities of manufacturing industry by strengthening the business utilizing smart device.

Build better, longer-lasting Operational Excellence

"Information available anytime, anywhere" with smart device. The mobility of smart device gives the user real-time access to mcframe and makes input routine easier. The interactive and user-friendly interface of the mcframe for iPad/iPhone provides for a seamless flow of information and enhances the operational efficiency, which leads to "Transparency" of on-site progress.

MCFrame for iPad/iPhone

Mobility and User-friendly

mcframe for iPad/iPhone enables to eliminate the waste which causes double operation such as inputting the same data into a computer after filling in a form. Also it supports off-line data processing. Bar-code scan by iPhone enables you to input the results rapidly and accurately, avoiding the trouble of inputting and searching.


Utilizing Smartphone and its messaging function enables to exchange and share the information rapidly. Integration with other business application further makes the knowledge sharing easier, such as manual, chart, specification, and operation procedures, improving on-site capabilities. It also supports the operational efficiency with the discrepancy record and test for learning degree using the function of camera, movie and its data.

mcframe Link(Smart Device Link)

mcframe Link allows iPad&iPhone to be connected with mcframe and enables you to refer/update of the operational data directly.
※Linkable to both mcframe XA and mcframe CS

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