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Developed in-house by B-EN-G, mcframe is a mission-critical package that merges extraordinary flexibility with basic functionality to meet the diverse needs of the manufacturing industry.

A Made-in-Japan resource planning package

mcframe stands for Manufacturing and Communication Framework. As the name suggests, mcframe is a Japanese-made resource planning software package developed as a resource planning framework to support the manufacturing industry.

Over 15 years of development

More than 400 manufacturing companies in sectors as diverse as processing and assembly are using the system. This is because mcframe not only includes the basic functions required to respond to a wide variety of needs, but can also be highly customized.

Using mcframe to build global SCM systems

The mcframe framework ensures a high degree of development efficiency and quality, with the total adoption of object-oriented technologies and FrameManager, the exclusive development environment. Once it is introduced and in use, the system can be flexibly modified and expanded.

Functional Overview of MCFrame

Deployment by various business partners

You can get adequate services from more than 40 mcframe Partner companies which have industry expertise and abundant experience of implementation. Various study groups organized by mcframe User Group and training courses for users are available.

Support your company's global expansion

We have many experienced support facilities in Asia, including our group bases B-EN-G(Shanghai), B-EN-G(Thailand)and B-EN-G(Singapore). We also have experience of supporting customers in Europe and North America, and MCFrame can support your company's global expansion.

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