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In an era of intense global competition, it is becoming increasingly important to shift from "Cost calculation for accounting" to "Cost Management for business strategy" in order to get ahead of severe price competition. mcframe Cost Management supports your cost management operation with "providing cost information accurately and quickly", "PDCA cycle from budget planning to comparison of budget and actual", "simulation environment for decision-making", "Cost-Volume-Profit analysis", "Profit analysis", and so on. These advanced functions are developed through decades of industry experience, and used by more than 100 companies. In addition, mcframe Cost Management can be installed on a stand-alone basis. It is also adaptive to other systems, using external interface table.

Capabilities and Features

4 types of costing
mcframe Cost Management has 4 types of costing (Standard costing, Budget costing, Actual Costing, Standard-actual costing) to promote PDCA practices.
Cost simulation environment
mcframe cost simulation environment enables planning-oriented cost management. Instead of budgetary handouts delivered from short-term profit planning with top-down approach, we calculate budgetary profit and loss by cumulating profit for each item, so that target profits for each area, clients, item, and the person responsible will be clearly shown, eventually provide basic information as "usable budget" for analyses.
Process costing and job costing
Besides process costing by item, job costing by the segment key such as lot number and SEIBAN are available. It also allows verifying progress by variation from budget, creating performance budgeting for each project.
Detailed allocation functions
The combinations of allocation among departments such as direct allocation method, double-distribution method, and graded allocation method, and various allocation rules and coefficient will allow allocations for each item in real conditions. It is possible to narrow down allocation target using department (process flow) structure and item structure.

Function Overview

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