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mcframe R-PAD is a mobile solution for manufacturers to improve their business outcome.

Recording with moving from paper to digital

On your shop floor, you often have problems with printed forms and handwritten input, like data errors, illegible handwriting, untimely collection, and so on. Furthermore, handwritten data recorded in paper forms will be kept on file as it is, or entered into a computer. In the former case, it is difficult to re-use the collected data for exploring an improvement. In the latter case, the data is touched twice, and there are more opportunities for errors as a result of entering into the computer incorrectly. Using mcframe R-PAD on shop floor, you are able to enter the data into a computer directly, and re-use the data for improvement easily.

Analyzing for improving your business outcome

Facing stiff competition in the marketplace, many manufacturers want to innovate ways to identify and improve operational inefficiency through data analysis. mcframe R-PAD offers you to get more value out of your precious data through analysis.

Knowledge Utilization, everywhere

On your shop floor, you may have problems with carrying around paper drawings, instructions and so on.

mcframe R-PAD will give your shop floor anytime and anywhere connection to production documents, including work orders, safety documents, training videos and more.

Major functions

Production Process Management
Production result input
Quality information input
Data Analysis
Graph output
Quality management diagram
Statistical analysis
Knowledge Management
Document management (Production, Quality and Maintenance)
Trouble reports
Check sheets
mcframe R-PAD

*RAKU-PAD is provided as R-PAD in outside of Japan.
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